The Insurance settlement was originally £316,000 with £50,000 sent as an advance, the remainder will be sent as soon as work commences. However we were informed in March 2017 that this amount is to be increased by 2.85% to take into account that building costs have increased. This is now £325,000.

Some funders have sent their money and others have pledged amounts to the total of £174,500

Some of this is held (£82,000) until the lease is sorted.

The community so far has raised over £15,500 since the fire.

We have a great fundraising committee who also arrange events for fundraising for the church as well as the hall.

Also the Co-op member scheme ended in April raising £1,141.80

Total funding is approx, £516,000 

(some of which will not be released until building work starts)

Also have £9,750 for equipment from the insurance. This was for kitchen equipment, tables, chairs etc. to replace those lost in the fire including Mothers’ Union equipment.

St Johns Hall Meadowfield is now a registered charity, 1165657, from 22nd February 2016. Lesley Baxter, Father Carl Peters and David Jocelyn are the first three trustees. The constitution states that the Priest in Charge and one member of the PCC must be trustees. Another five are needed and advertisement for the positions will be going out soon.

A new lease for at least 30 years will be set up between the Diocese, PCC St John’s (legally these were the last known custodians) and St John’s Hall Meadowfield. This is currently in the hands of the solicitor and the charity commission. The new lease will hopefully be in place in the next two months when building work can start.

The project managers, D3 Associates, answered questions on the new build and showed the new plans. A view of the hall is below.